The CF Service…


For more than 20 years, CF Global Group have been market leaders in Event Support staffing and Deep Clean Solutions throughout the UK. To achieve the high standards our clients expect, all of our methods and procedures are designed to satisfy the needs of our clients both commercial and domestic.


CF Global Event Support is a back of house speciality service accepted at the highest level of hospitality as a bench mark service to the industry…


Based in Southport, operating both locally and nationwide, we offer a wide array of cleaning services ranging from Commercial Deep Cleaning, Antiviral ULV Fogging & Sanitisation and Domestic Home Cleaning…


Providing complete duct cleaning services throughout the UK, in accordance with the requirements of TR/19, the leading guidance document issued by BESA.

Commercial Cleaning


CF Global Deep Clean Specialists provide commercial deep cleaning services to catering and food production facilities nationwide.


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Antiviral Cleaning


CF Global Deep Clean provides a full Antiviral Deep Clean Service. Specifically targeting highly infectious norovirus and coronavirus strains.


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Domestic Cleaning


Our Domestic Cleaning Service provides reliable and affordable cleaning to make the lives of our clients easier, call us on 01704 535010


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