Antiviral Deep Cleaning

If you require a one-off Antiviral sanitisation service due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, contact us below, we have teams on standby now.

Operating from Southport, CF Global | Deep Clean Solutions provide a full Antiviral ULV Fogging and Sanitisation Service, specifically targeting infectious virus strains and harmful bacteria.


With COVID-19 lockdown restrictions beginning to ease and with more people gradually being encouraged to return to work, a precautionary antiviral cleaning, carried out by our specially trained and certified teams can safely and effectively remove harmful bacteria and pathogens from your premises paving the way for a safe and confident return to the workplace.




Wearing full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) our teams would conduct a thorough Antiviral and Antibacterial Sanitisation starting with Touchpoint Decontamination using High Temperature Steam Cleaning Technology along with Antibacterial Treatment to all areas that receive a high degree of human interaction.



A full ULV Fogging procedure would then carried out throughout the premises, this technology enables us to saturate the environment with appropriate cleaning agents resulting in a proven and cost-effective means of infection control. The process is much faster than traditional cleaning methods, covering larger areas and hard to reach surfaces offering an efficient and powerful sanitisation tool. Using the biocide fogging solution STERiZAR® with advanced barrier protection this ensures that our Fogging procedure remains effective against harmful bacterium for up to 30 days post service.



Part of what makes our service unique and separates us from our competitors in this field is the inclusion of ATP Swab Testing using the Industry recognised Hygiena ™ ATP monitoring system in conjunction with ULTRASNAP™ luminometer swabs, allowing us to instantly and accurately measure levels of sanitisation and confidently declare an area as Certified Sanitised.



Clients are provided with Certified Sanitised by CF Global® signage upon completion of service to show that they have taken these necessary and responsible steps toward ensuring the hygienal safety of their Customers, Guests and Employees.



A single service visit from us remains effective for up to 30 days post service and can easily be arranged below, however clients can ensure the ongoing hygienal safety of their customers and employees by selecting our 3 month or 6 month Antiviral Protection plan which can be cancelled at any time or easily renewed at the end of each cycle.


By choosing a 3 Month or 6 Month Protection plan, clients can expect a full Antiviral Service to be carried out every 30 days for the duration of this time at the reduced price of £55.00+VAT P/H for each visit.

Please note, these prices are based on a minimum visit time of 1 Hour. Each subsequent hour would be charged at £55.00+VAT.


A 1 Hour Service would typically include up to 10 standard sized rooms.


Terms & Conditions Apply.

To book a FREE Site Survey or for more information on our Antiviral Service contact us below or call us on 01704 535010

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