Deep Clean Specialists

CF Global Deep Clean Specialists provide commercial deep cleaning services to catering and food production facilities nationwide.

A CF Global deep clean can be arranged quickly and efficiently. We can work ‘out of hours’ at no extra cost when necessary to minimize customer downtime.


Our commercial kitchen cleaning services include:


  • Structural cleaning (ceiling, walls, floors, doors, windows)
  • Light fixture cleaning
  • Air extraction unit cleaning
  • Cooking appliance cleaning (fryers, ovens, bratt pans, grills, etc)
  • Extraction canopy & filter de-grease and cleaning
  • Full Risk Assessment to strict hygiene legislation

Clients can maintain a good level of hygiene by adhering to guided daily cleaning schedules, however a CF Deep Clean provides a full kitchen clean, including hard to access surfaces such as; walls, ceilings, lights, canopies, equipment and fittings – as well as cleaning kitchen appliance equipment to a restorative state not achievable through general cleaning means.
CF Deep Clean will attend your venue to quote a free estimate. Our specialist attendee will consider the dimensions of surface areas and quantity of equipment to be serviced. At this time CF Deep Clean can indicate and make arrangements to what may be required in terms removal of some kit or disconnections to appliances within the deep clean areas before work can commence.


Also, by using the CF Deep Clean Specialists, you will be provided with a full hazard analysis detailing risk, chemical branding, and intended procedure which you will be able to keep on file afterwards.


CF Global will maintain a significant ‘CF Aftercare’ package which includes Before/After Digital imaging to highlight the effectiveness and importance of regular kitchen deep cleaning, this is designed to use as evidence to produce to Environmental Heath Authorities that you are meeting your legal health and hygiene obligations.

For commercial deep cleaning services across the UK , contact our Deep Clean Specialists on 01704 535010